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028. Announcements

First of all, we wanted to apologize for our inactivity. We've been in a bit of a rut lately, but we promise we haven't forgotten about the request icons. Speaking of, there's still nine open slots if anyone wants to request something!

Secondly, as of late we've been wanting to do some more fandom-based things, so expect lots of movie icons in the near future!

Thank you. ♥
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027. Head's Up!

I just wanted to make a short announcement to reassure you all that we've been working hard on both the requests/customs and - a little surprise - an icon post with a very specific theme: phallic and yonic things. Keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks. =)
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026. Request Post

Soooo - here's the deal: Kristian and I decided - since we now have over 100 watchers - we'd do a request post. However, there is a limit and there are some guidelines to follow.

The Guidelines
1. The first 24 people to comment will have their requests filled. Commenting to "save your spot" while you search for images is absolutely fine. =) Just come back and either a) edit your comment or b) reply to your comment, depending on your account type.
2. Provide us between 2 and 5 images. We can't promise we'll icon all five or even two, but we'll do our best. Also - if you don't want anything fancy like textures, borders, etc. - LET US KNOW!
3. We're iconing stock images only. No fandom, no music, no movies, etc.
4. All of the requested icons will be posted in a separate entry once we get them finished. Please remember to check back so you can "pick up" your icon(s). Or even better, watch us so that the post itself will show up on your f-list. All of them will be shareable!

The Images
We recommend that you use stock image sites like Veer and Jupiter Images - they're great sources for high-quality stock, and the higher the quality the easier it is to work with. Please consider the size of the image as well for cropping purposes.

Lastly, thank you for allowing us to hit that 100 mark and we hope you like your icons! ♥

01. seeitbloom
02. hazy_crazy
03. especial
04. silver_shadow49
05. redecember
06. sunlitdays
07. funkycherry
08. sinfully_yours9
09. oh_synapse
10. downloadable08
11. whir
12. copperysky
13. hazey_sunshine
14. incredigirl
15. i_am_girlfriday
16. gyllespi
17. OPEN!
18. OPEN!
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