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Now I'm walking again to the beat of a drum

040. Candy

This is one of my top favorites as far as the drug movies go -- and I hope we icon it a little more extensively in the future.

WARNING: Slight nudity!


01. Do not hotlink our icons.
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02. Do not redistribute as your own work.
This is called copyright infringement and it is against the law.
03. Credit us in the "Userpic Keywords".
We spend a lot of time and effort on our icons, and we'd like credit for our work. Put the community name (NOT starship or voluptuary!) in the keywords.
04. Comment if you are taking any of our icons.
We appreciate feedback more than anything, both positive and negative, and we like to familiarize ourselves with members. Even if you aren't taking any from a particular batch - just say hello!
05. Do not edit/modify/customize our icons.
The way we post our icons is the way they should stay. Plain and simple.
06. Nominations are always welcome!
If you'd like to nominate one of our icons in an awards community, thank you! Just please leave a comment with which icon and which community.

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Tags: !icons, actor: geoffrey rush, actor: heath ledger, actress: abbie cornish, movie: candy

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