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033. Get Out and Vote!

If you're a citizen of the U.S. and of age, I want to encourage you to vote! I usually don't make posts like these, but I think this is important. If you aren't registered, you can do so at the following websites:

Register to Vote at Rock the Vote

For a lot of states the registration deadline is a week from Monday. To find out your state's deadline click here.

When choosing who to vote for I think it's very important to do your own research. We can't rely on what one candidate says about the other nor what people say about the candidates. Fact Check is a fantastic place to get real, unbiased information. Another good thing to do is look up the candidates' voting records on issues that concern you.

Happy voting!
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031. Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks

I'm really sorry for the inactivity, as it is my fault. A couple days ago, I had quite a creative spurt run through me and so I made some icons of Fleetwood Mac, one of my all-time-favorite bands, and of course, Stevie Nicks, one of the few famous women I idolize.

These are a bit fancier than normal, by the way. Enjoy!


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